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Whoever likes this language family should definitely learn Belarusian! Learn Belarusian with the Android and iPhone app "50LANGUAGES" The "50 LANGUAGES" Android or iPhone app is ideal for all those who want to learn offline. Belarusian language or White Russian: see Russian language Russian language, also called Great Russian, member of the East Slavic group of the Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Slavic languages). The principal language of administration in the Soviet Union, Russian is spoken by about 170 million people as a..

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In the past two decades, post-Soviet countries have emerged as a contested linguistic space, where disagreements over language and education policies have  Belsat TV is a Belarusian- and Russian-language channel operating as part of TVP S.A. Belsat TV currently employs over 200 staff, mainly from Belarus, but also  17 stockvideoklipp i 4K eller HD med belarusian+language till kreativa projekt. Och utforska över 11 miljoner videor och videoklipp med hög kvalitet i varje  Fredagen den 21 maj disputerar Ander Agebjörn med sin avhandling "Learning of Definiteness by Belarusian Students of Swedish as a Foreign Language". Speak Swedish using Belarusian words you already know! Communicate with foreigners in your language! German: Was kostet eine Minute nach USA zu  The opposition in Belarus has launched a coordinating council to of news and analysis to Belarusian audiences in their own language. It is a  Sweden recommends using the name Belarus instead of former White Russia or Vitryssland in the Swedish language, Swedish Minister for  Armenian language added. 2.32.

In Ukraine, Belarusian is declared as a “native language” by about 55,000 Belarusians, comprising about 19.7% of Belarusians living in Ukraine (data from 2001 Ukrainian census). In Poland, Belarusian is declared as a “language spoken at home” by about 40,000 inhabitants (data from 2002 Polish general census). The Belarusian language in the Russian Empire in 1897 1906 – the first legal Naša Dolia newspaper written in Belarusian.

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Belarusian language

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Belarusian language

ISO, Språk. RU, Ryska (Russian language). BE, Vitryska (Belarusian language) Karta-VitrysslandUn-belarus.png. BYN, Vitrysk rubel (Belarusian ruble), Br, 2.

Belarusian language

Here’s a collection of some useful words and sayings to put a friendly smile on our faces. Belarusian is an Eastern Slavonic language, most closely related to Russian and Ukrainian.: 10,200,000 speakers: Belarus is the official language in Belarus.Home speakers can be found in Poland Russian language was the official state language on the Belarusian lands at that time, but in the beginning of the 19th century the issue of the Belarusian language independence was raised. After the October Revolution of 1917, the Belarusian language was recognized as the official state language and began to be used in official documents, court cases and educational sphere. Belarusian (/bɛləˈruːsiən/; беларуская мова, Belarusian pronunciation: [bʲelaˈruskaja ˈmova], BGN/PCGN: byelaruskaya mova) is an official language of Belarus, along with Russian, and is spoken abroad, chiefly in Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Learn fast and easily with the language course Belarusian by "50 languages" Belarusian is counted among the East Slavic languages.
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Please be sure to check it from time to time. Belarusian is on every official document, some forms are in Belarusian, the language is somewhat present on the TV and on the radio. There’re some Belarusian books at home as well as articles on the internet. Belarusian (/ bɛləˈruːsiən /; беларуская мова biełaruskaja mova [bʲelaˈruskaja ˈmova]) is an official language of Belarus, along with Russian, and is spoken abroad, chiefly in Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Katerina helps us to learn the most important phrases in Belarusian!This video has been produced in the framework of the Digital Participation Camp, an inter This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. To download a copy, please contact International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21st February. Belarusian is one of the official languages of Belarus.

Belarusian and Russian are the official languages of Belarus. Other languages such as Polish, Ukrainian and Hebrew are spoken within  Aug 19, 2020 A lover of languages, besides the Litvak Yiddish of his homeland, Slepovitch is also a patriot of the Belarusian language, which has suffered  Nov 12, 2019 Belarus is the most Russified post-Soviet country. In recent years, a series of creative civic initiatives to promote the Belarusian language have  Jun 2, 2018 Pages in category "Articles containing Belarusian language text". This category contains only the following page. Nov 8, 2020 One element of the ongoing protests in Belarus is a renewed interest in the Belarusian language, currently only actively used by a minority of  Oct 4, 2019 Philippines, 1 to 5 October 2019, is concerned at the continuous stigmatisation of the Belarusian language in Belarus, where the authorities  Belarusian. (5,317 words) · Language name · History of the literary language · Orthography and alphabet · Phonology · Stress · Morphology · Elements of syntax   The language situation in Belarus today can be characterized as multilingual with Belarusian-Russian official bilingualism.
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Se hela listan på Belarusian language and ‘Trasyanka’ Belarusian is studied at most public schools, and the majority of people understand Belarusian perfectly. But there’s really no place to use it in the vastly “Russified” outside life, so the language gets forgotten. In Belarus, the Belarusian language is declared as a "language spoken at home" by about 3,686,000 people (36.7% of the population) as of 1999. 74% of the ethnic groups from the former USSR speak it as first language. We hope the lessons above helped you learn Belarusian. To learn other languages please check our homepage here: Learn Languages.

In fact,  BBC Languages - Learn in your own time and have fun with Quick Fix Belarusian . Learn useful holiday phrases in Belarusian with audio. Download these  The Belarusian language is one of the most beautiful Slavic languages and there are unfortunately not too many formal courses out there for English speakers to  Belarusian is an official language of Belarus, along with Russian, and is spoken abroad, chiefly in Russia, Ukraine, far-eastern Poland and the Vilna Region. Oct 12, 2020 Belarusian national library The portal is in three languages: Belarusian, Russian and English. You will need to be able to type in Cyrillic. It is quite  Belorussian is the language of the new nation of Belarus, which borders Poland and whose capital is Minsk. Though similar to Russian—so much so that some  in some regions In Stolin region (Brest Oblast), district Belarusian language schools officially enroll about 8,000 students.
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PEN-Centre. Language: swedish Language: belarusian. Translations: Valzhyna Mort born in 1981 in Minsk, Belarus, is a poet and translator.

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Please, add our  Jan 22, 2018 The written culture of Belarus is over 11 centuries old. Many of us correctly associate the Belarusian language with the Cyrillic alphabet. Feb 21, 2020 The Belarusian language is an Indo-European East-Slavic language that has the most linguistic similarities with Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian. Nov 1, 2018 Language is frequently one of the most readily apparent markers of identity and ethnic nationalism. But in Belarus, this link has not mustered  Belarusian and Russian are the two official languages, but Russian is more widely spoken.